Behind the Scenes

Blazing Trails Media was founded in 2000 in Manhattan Beach, California. We produced thousands of short films, commercials and productions for businesses and organizations across the nation. We have worked on major motion films such as the Fast and Furious franchise, Charlie’s Angels 2 with Demi Moore, XXX with Vin Diesel, and television shows such as The Shield, 24, In the Line of Fire, Monster House and Pair of Kings. We have worked with Fox, Disney, Sony, CBS and many more. From music videos to Fortune 500 companies, we produced content for rock stars to professional athletes, non-profits to the Hollywood elite. We have produced training content for EMS, Police and Fire Departments, and we have worked with agencies to produce video training for active shooter scenarios, disaster procedures and tactical training for emergency situations. Now based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Blazing Trails Media continues to offer video production to clients both here in Arizona, and all around the country.


We aim to provide excellent entertainment for all needs, educational programming that teaches, and encouraging content that inspires and motivates our viewers to go explore our world. We are a family-friendly production company, we believe that if our kids can’t watch it, it isn’t what we should be making. We want our families to be proud of what we create, and our clients agree that our approach to making quality programs is a much needed healthier view of the world we live in. We tell the stories of people who inspire us to be better than we were yesterday, we produce the videos that get you up off the couch to go chase your own adventure. We help bring dreams to life, and we love what we do.
Blazing Trails Media Filming

Cast and Crew

Blazing Trails Media can provide the people and equipment for your next production.We have a solid crew and all the equipment needed to shoot your next production, from a short film, a commercial for your business, educational training videos for your clients and live streaming your events. We can also provide a stellar cast to bring your video production needs to life, from on screen actors to Voice over talent.
Jon Crowe-Director

Meet the Director – Jon Crowe

Jon has been in the media and video production industry for over 25 years. Working on countless movies and television shows, he devoted his time to learning every role on a film set. Working his way up from a humble PA, Gaffer to Grip, DP to Director, Jon even worked as a stunt driver and coordinator for television. Jon developed a reputation as the on-set MacGyver, creating new ways to film things, mount gear and problem-solve. He has actually designed and created film equipment used in the industry today.

With a passion to tell stories, he loves the adventure and exploration side of video. He has traveled all around the globe filming in so many countries, his passport was so ragged, the customs officials questioned its authenticity. He is often found on set teaching new recruits and quoting his favorite lines from movies.

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Executive Producer – Heather Jocelyn Blair

Heather Jocelyn Blair has over 20 years onset experience from multi-million dollar productions to independent films and industrials. Her passion is creating a positive environment on every project no matter what role she’s fulfilling. Her work in front of and behind the camera worldwide [Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, North Carolina, the Caribbean, South Africa, Namibia and New Zealand] has given her a global perspective on how to interact with virtually anyone in any setting. She is creative, a great problem solver, thinks quickly on her feet and always is a team player. Her passion is bringing our clients products that exceed their expectations while meeting their deadlines.

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Heather Jocelyn Blair

Producer – Kristin Burton-Crowe

Kristin has a love for people and the art of story telling.
That love for people and desire to serve led her to careers in Law Enforcement and Nursing. When not working with us, Kristin is a Supervising Nurse in the ICU.
Kristin’s professionalism and love for the arts makes her a great addition to our team. Kristin was born in California and raised in Arizona. She loves the ocean, all thing Star Wars, adventures in the outdoors and loves to cook.

Favorite Movie: Jaws

Kristin Burton-Crowe